Day-26, Lockdown

Day-26, Lockdown

‘Feeling guilty is an emotion any good hearted person will feel’

I don’t know if I agree, because the people who commit a crime, of course feel a twinge of guilt, guilt is kind of a defining quality. So maybe that means, that everyone is a good hearted person, even if its somewhere deep beneath.

I am one who feels guilty in almost everything. Some of my friends tell me that I say sorry at least twenty times a day. What is wrong with that? I honestly don’t know, apparently if you apologise for something that you haven’t done, the apology becomes toxic, spoiling the person whose fault it really was, that’s what my best friend tells me.

Now that makes sense, and I ask myself if I should apologise for apologising, I know that sound weird, but that is exactly how my brain works. But I don’t want to change that in me, because this little thing makes me who I am.

Today I was wondering about guilt, does everyone feel the same amount of guilty as I feel? No, that isn’t normal, maybe everyone knows when it really is their fault, and so they apologise and move on with their loves. They’re not like me, apologising and then bearing with that guilt for the rest of my lives, and always apologising to that person.

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      There are two kinds of guilt – One that drowns one until one is useless and the kind that fires one’s soul to purpose. Guilt can either hold one back from growing or it can show one what one needs to shift in one’s life. Never feel guilty for doing what’s best for you. We all make mistakes so don’t let that be THE reason one gives up on oneself. No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future. God Bless & keep writing.

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