Day-23, Lockdown

Day-23, Lockdown

‘The more we expect, the less we get’

To me this quote makes a whole lot of sense. Expectations, this word has been hovering inside my head today. When someone says that they hold expectations from us, they expect us to be better at something. This sentence always puts a sense of fear in the listener’s mind.

When we meet someone new, we expect them to behave in some way, talk in some manner and if the person does not live up to our expectations we judge him.

Most people are judgemental, but very less are ready to admit the fact. This mentality of summing up a person on his first visit, has given birth  to a phrase saying, ‘the first impression is the last impression.’ 

It makes a lot more sense, when you’ve experienced it, when you walk into a room and do something wrong and the people who have seen you for the first time, have already summed you up, determined your type, they think they know for sure that you are up to no good. This is the best definition of being judgemental, this definition rings true to anyone who has experienced this disparaging behaviour.

I am one to have great expectations, but not with myself. I have great expectations of my day, of any place I go to, and almost any situation I am in. And if I say so myself, I can be quite judgemental, but never do I judge people on their first impression. This  critical nature of humans is scathing and hurtful. All humans are flawed, but this is the biggest blemish of mankind.

When a person is judged on the first time of their meeting, this can ruin all kinds of relationships , and this is a drawback of fault – finding behaviour. Most of us know that pointing wrongs, hurts other people’s feelings, most have even experienced this.

This is what I had been thinking of the entire day, there is nothing wrong in expecting something, but if those expectations aren’t fulfilled, well then there’s nothing we can do!

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

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      Nice Beta Keep It Up

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      One needs to stop wearing the weight of other people’s expectations and judgments. When one judges someone, one does not define that someone, one defines oneself. It’s in human nature to question all the good things they hear about someone but believe in all the bad without a second thought. Those who judge never understand and those who understand never judge! God Bless & Keep writing.

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      100% true! I’m amused to see such complex feelings and emotions and also the fact that you are able to write exactly the way u feel them.. you are a pro Keya. Keep rocking the blog🤘

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