Day-15, Lockdown

Day-15, Lockdown

‘Questions that aren’t answered, are like caged birds’

Today I used this quote, because it kind of jumped at me. Why are those questions like caged birds? Every question has an answer. Yet, the unanswered question has been called a caged bird, because the key, exists, but the bird can’t reach it. That bird will remain in its cage, until somebody frees it. Just a little thought I wanted to share.

Today, was like everyday, the same routine. But, today I realised that I was going nowhere, it felt like I wasn’t doing anything productive. This first thought choked me, and I suddenly felt suffocated. It felt as if the air I was breathing was acidic, I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to go out and I desperately needed to breathe in fresh air.

‘Fresh air. ’ these two words are only heard nowadays, not experienced, though I have pointed out earlier that this lockdown is benefitting the environment, it certainly doesn’t feel like it. How long can a person stay inside and breathe? I guess, most people can pull of this feat with no problem, but I am not like most people, I can’t stay at home like this, no human contact other than my parents, honestly it is driving me crazy.

The government said that the lockdown is till the fourteenth of April, even if they don’t extend it, how long will it tale to attain normalcy? Both, my mom and dad’s birthday comes in April. I really want to celebrate it, go out for a proper dinner, throw a proper party, celebrate, happy times. I miss these times.

My mom says that this lockdown is breaking people, their souls. I believe her, those who live to travel, those creative artists. They long to live again, to come out of the water.

At times I forget (Or am I trying to forget), why this lockdown has been established, I think of this as punishment for humans. This situation, these saddening times will be remembered, the efforts of the common man to fight this epidemic.

This too shall pass.

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

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      Very good Keya😊
      Good talent you have ✌

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      Questions are only offensive to those who have something to hide. One can tell whether a person is wise by their questions. Future itself is a question paper which needs to be read and written carefully. Intelligence is asking the right question. Wisdom is knowing what to do next; Virtue is doing it! God Bless & keep writing!

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