Day-10, Lockdown

Day-10, Lockdown

‘Very few of us are what we seem.’

Agatha Christie

Most of you must have heard of Agatha Christie, the famous author. Her books seem to captivate the reader, we feel as if the scene described by her is actually taking place. Such a wonderful writer, the genre of the books she writes is mostly murder-mystery. I like reading such stories, and in my opinion her writing style is marvellous. Truth be told, the reader doesn’t have a clue who the killer is till we reach the end of the book.

The past couple of days, I started to take an interest in her books again. I was so engrossed in the plot, that I flipped through the pages with great enthusiasm. In fact, I was so enthralled and eager to know what will happen next, that I finished two of her books in two days!

I don’t know why, but when the murderer was revealed I felt a rush inside of me. This wasn’t a usual rush of happiness, but I was actually sad because the book had ended. Seeing that I have no important work to do anyways and practically nowhere to go. I decided to start another one of her books.

Agatha Christie was a wonderful writer, she always has the reader on the edge of their seats. She encourages the readers to use their imagination, and put their detective skills to work, how you may ask? Well, as we read more of the story, the characters reveal and uncover more clues, some creative readers try to put two and two together to see if they themselves can guess who the murderer is. So, to confirm our suspicions, we are vaguely encouraged by the author to read more.

Of course ( and I speak with experience), when the culprit is found in the end, he or she is a person most readers may not have expected to be at all. And this bewildering fact, makes some of us slightly grin. Because, when the person who uncovered the killer, explains how his or her suspicions were confirmed, we retrace our own steps and some like me laugh at our own selves, about how we were so wrong.

Today, Agatha Christie has been on my mind and I thought it would be fair to write about her stories and novels. I recommend her books, as they are good for passing time and keeping you on your feet.

By the way, the two books I have read are, The Body In the Library & Sparkling Cyanide. Tomorrow I  am going to read, ‘And then There Were None

Like most people stuck at home, when you are free, read these books, as they are for all ages and are worth reading…

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      Reading is dreaming with open eyes. It’s a conversation. All books talk, but a good book listens as well. One can find magic wherever one looks. Sit back and relax, all one needs is a book!… God Bless & keep writing

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