Day-9, Lockdown

Day-9, Lockdown

‘Happy April fools!’

That is today’s quote. I haven’t fooled anyone today, mostly because I am not very good at it, and because I haven’t met any of my friends face to face. Usually, every year on April 1, I go to school and in the evening I go down to play. And my friends and I always have a blast, this day gives us a reason to prank each other, and if the person being pranked gets angry, well we have a good excuse. This day gives us a reason to laugh and make fools of ourselves. Though we do it every day, today me and my friends have got a reason for our playful behaviour.

Today was different though, we were all sitting inside in our homes. All of us had wonderful ideas but, we could not use them. Some of us pranked through calls, but it wasn’t the same as when we meet and talk face to face. Though the results of failed pranking were somewhat hilarious I did feel a little sad on not being able to meet any of my friends.

Honestly, I never really thought I’d be saying this, but I miss my friends. All of them, even the ones that irritated me.

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I have many types of friends, the ones who are close to me, the ones who just love joking around, and even those who just hang around me to find mistakes in me. I have some friends who I don’t like being around, mostly because they are always comparing, they always find faults, they have to show off their possessions, these ‘friends’ bring out the worst in me. I believe such friends are called toxic friends. The word describes the friendship, this word defines the friendship.

I am weak towards those who can easily manipulate, I feel I don’t understand human nature at times. These friends are difficult to handle, hard to leave and tiring to be with. The only solution is to speak your mind, but I feel I have no right to advise the reader how to leave such ‘friends’ that would make me a hypocrite, because I too have not taken action.

This is ironic, I started the article by talking about the wonderful time I have with my friends, and I ended up talking about my rocky friendship, and I have given you a glimpse of my ‘bad side’, so to say. I talked about hatred, and not having guts. I am sorry to have ended on a dark note, on a day which is meant to be light and cheerful. But, I was just giving you a ride in my train of thoughts. Thank you for understanding dear readers.

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      Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there. Good friends help you to find important things when you’ve lost them…..your smile, your hope & your courage. A true fiend accepts who you are, but also helps you to become who you should be….God Bless & keep writing

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