Day-7, Lockdown

‘Change takes place everywhere, but only a few people welcome it.’

Doesn’t this quote make sense to you? You might have noticed in lots of situations that some people do not like change and try to run away from it. I heard somewhere that ‘change is nature.’ And I have to admit that I agree with the person.

I can give you an example from the situation we are all going through, the lockdown. Suddenly, we see all the shops are closed, and the roads are empty. Most of the population is sitting inside their houses. In India, we are experiencing summer, during this time everyone prefers going out and about. Well, that’s not the case this year. I can say with surety that, we all are adjusting and adapting.

A few days ago I was watching videos of me when I was young, there was this video where I was standing in my balcony enjoying the rain. I noticed that at that time, our building was surrounded by greenery and we could very well see the mountains, that were far away. Today, when I look from the same balcony all I see are buildings, tall buildings. I can no more see the lush green trees, or mountains. I feel sorry to say, that I had forgotten that there was so much greenery around me. This is what you can call change, I have lived in this place for several years, and before I knew it, I was missing something I never noticed was there.

Today the world around us is growing, and you must have observed that there is change in every nook and corner. New things happening every other day, and we have no guarantee in life that every comforting thing around us will always remain the same.

People change, they grow, they forget. Think about it, the people you know and love, have they always been the same?

What I think is that, even knowledge changes a person. The more well-read a person becomes, the more knowledge a person gains, and the more wiser the person becomes.

This was what I was thinking about today, that is why I cannot say that today was a nice and calm day, because there was chaos going on inside my head, those lush green trees kept haunting me I kind of wished to see them again, and what would happen to my society after twenty years. We couldn’t see the moon today. But, the night sky was still beautiful and full of wonder, nowadays due to less pollution we can see more stars in the sky.

I would conclude by saying that change is necessary and we should learn to embrace it.

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      So true….we should embrace the change and go with the flow. Well done again short and sweet but you managed to explained it all.

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      Life is about moments. Don’t wait for them, create them. To change one’s life one needs to change priorities. Don’t hold onto thoughts that don’t allow one’s mind to move forward. Attitudes are contagious. Make one’s attitude worth catching. Thinking is the hardest job there is, which is the probable reason why so few engage in it….God Bless… keep writing

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