Day-5, Lockdown

Day-5, Lockdown

‘The first rain always showers joy.’

Today was a wonderful day, because today I experienced the first rain of the year. The past few days there was some drizzling, but you can’t actually call that rain. Rain is when the sky is all grey, and the droplets falling are huge and heavy, and when the first droplet hits someone, that person’s face breaks off into a huge smile. Rain is a phenomenon, which makes little kids run out in the open and yell with happiness, which makes them jump in puddles and splash water on each other. All of this is rain.

Today it rained heavily, and I was standing in my gallery feeling the raindrops on my eyelids. I kept cheering for more rain. I could see that all families were out in their balconies, happily reaching their hands out. It put a smile on my face, from the past one hour we were only hearing loud thunders but not a droplet of rain. And now it was raining so heavily, all we could hear was the pitter – patter of droplets .

As soon as the cold droplets hit my face, a shiver went down my spine. My mom and dad told me to come inside, because they were fearful I would catch cold. But I shouted over all the thunders and the cold rushing wind, “I deserve this!” my parents laughed and they too joined me.

After the rain stops, that wonderful petrichor gives me a strange sense of satisfaction. Petrichor is an earthy smell that you can sense after it rains. I feel that if you haven’t fully enjoyed the rain you don’t deserve that wonderful fragrance. This scent is like a reminder, that it rained.

Rain is like my friend, its there to cheer me up even on my saddest days, when its raining outside I feel so beatific and free spirited, I forget about everything. Even when I am shivering, I refuse to go back inside. I stay outside until the rain stops. I know what you think, I am rain crazy and it is true. It’s like puddles call me whenever I am around them, they call me to jump in them. That is why, I am the most active during rainy reason 🙂

Today was a wonderful experience, the cold wind in my face, the rain drops, the wonderful smell. This article has me wanting to go back in time and enjoy that wonderful rain one more time.

the hope is blossoming! I’m fighting!

Keya, 13 year old, writing since age 7. Expressing her self freely on her blog! Enjoy the reading

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