Day -2 Lock-down

‘Every day is a new day’

I woke up today to the sweet sound of silence. No construction workers shouting at each other,no irritating drilling machine noises or cars honking,nothing. Just pure silence.

My dad entered the room and drew the curtains,so that  sunlight hit my eyes. I stood up as,my mom too entered the room. She was looking glamorous in a saree, today is Gudi padwa! An exclaiming voice inside my head reminded me. Which means I have to wear traditional clothes,my mom reminds me. My reply to this imperative was a desperate no! I don’t like wearing  lehengas and itchy kurtas and pyjamas, especially not during summers. But of course I had to give into her argument,and wear the clothes she had picked out for me.My mom told me to take a bath and get ready,I did as she said.

After  getting dressed I entered the kitchen,and was immediately greeted to the sweet smell of sewai, a Gudi padwa delicacy cooked by my mother every year. The sweet sewai melted in my mouth. After my delicious breakfast we went to the ghar mandir and prayed for blessings which wouldn’t be so hard to send as we were stuck in our home. 

Lunch was a cheerful affair,as we were wearing bright clothes,and everyone was in a good mood. Due to the lockdown,none of the house help have come. And so all the dishes had been piled up from morning. My mom was feeling sleepy and tired, and who could blame her? After all ,she had cooked the lunch and had been doing almost all the chores from the past few days. My dad and I had helped out a bit,but it just wasn’t enough.

As my mom took her afternoon nap, I decided that since I was sitting idle with nothing to do maybe I should help her around the house a bit. So I started to wash all the dishes,and it turned out not to be so boring and I also got a much needed break from screen time. My mother was astonished to find out that all the dishes were clean and set out to dry. She was also relieved,and she thanked me profusely.

I had once read a story of Oscar Wilde, in which the protagonist tells his friend that any creature with a soul always feels warm inside, after helping others. This little chore I did today did bring me warmth. It reminded me that helping others is not a favour, it is a need. This need brings warmth inside of us, giving us the flame we need to keep going.

I started reading at about seven in the evening, and with no breaks (except a much needed dinner break) I completed the book at about thirty minutes past ten. The book was so intriguing, that I was glued to it .I kept turning page after page,and when the book ended I let out a huge sigh of satisfaction.

The joy of completing a book is so fulfilling, it is one of the best feelings. It gives me a rush. Before even opening the book I always have my doubts, but as I turn each page, I always realise that no book is badly written, but every author has a different writing style, that does not match the reader’s way of thinking.

With theses thoughts I sat down to write today’s blog, hoping to give the same feeling of satisfaction to my readers as I feel when I finish a well written book…

Do read my book review, coming next!

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