Lockdown day-1

All these days, I have not stepped out of my house, and its so depressing. Though, my parents are doing their best to try and cheer me up, by playing board games and card games, but we cant do that all day. So I have spent a most of my day just browsing through various screens(Ipad, T.V., Phone, etc.).And , I know its unhealthy, but I cant find anything else to do. I don’t want to read any books ,I don’t want to study, all I do is just lie on my bed and idle away my time.

Today was no different, but at around fifteen minutes past eight, I heard my father calling me in the living room, he switched on the telly, and flipped from one channel to another, he finally stopped at a news channel, which was odd, because we don’t usually watch the news. I saw the prime minister on the screen, he was talking about coronavirus (isn’t everyone these days.) He said that the government had decided to declare a lockdown, whole India. This news should not have affected the residents of Maharashtra, as we were already on lockdown, (as we have the second most number of cases) but I was devastated, the lockdown extends up till 14th of April, and there is no guarantee that we will be able to come out of our houses even after that date.

I couldn’t think of being cooped up inside my house for another 21 days, the thought alone was horrifying. My parents told me to get creative, and spend my time on more productive things, I agreed. As I remembered we were all in this together, and I was not the only one in this fight. No, the entire population of India was, and that thought was comforting.

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