Courage and fear

pexels-photo-339805.jpegTo stand up and fight

to truly put one’s might,

to do something that’s so hard,

it’s impossible to do even some part.

But, to go back and face cowardice,

to be scared and not face the apprentice,

to be flooded with fear.

But to be strong,

to be a rebel and break laws.

Instead, to be timid

to be scared,

but to never be spared.

Choose your path now,

choose between right and wrong,

choose between courage

choose something that is real.

10 thoughts on “Courage and fear

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      Great going keya.. Superb

    • Author gravatar

      Keep up the good work Keya. Proud of you.

    • Author gravatar

      Tremendous creativity, superb Maturity and wonderful presentation
      Only one word I can say Lajwaab ! Lajwaab aur Lajwaab!!!

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      Keya deserve appreciation…

      (हमेशा नन्हे फरिश्तों के #सजदे_में…)

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      पहले मुझे लगा कि Keya अपनी इस poem की 2nd last line में “choose between courage and fear” में – “and fear” लिखना भूल गयी है – या फिर इसे टाइपो नाम दिया जाए…
      फिर फरिश्तों से बात हुई तो उन्होंने कहा कि क्यूंकि Keya के जीवन के शब्दकोष में fear जैसा शब्द है ही नहीं है – सो शायद Keya ने उसे लिखना बेमानी समझा हो…. Wow…!
      Now don’t edit that…. and if you want to do so, just write the word “and” and put three dots or dash after that… leave it on the readers to understand the crux themselves…

      Keep it up beta…!
      The coming generation needs
      another Emily Dickinson and Amrita Preetam…
      Try your best to fill “that poetic-vaccum”…

      and yeah… want to quote here for you –

      “Courage is not the absence of fear…
      It is the ability to face it, overcome it and finish your job.”

      Bless your heart and soul…!

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