man from earth

The art of rating an experience with perfection.

Today I am going to rate a movie I recently saw, the movie’s name is ‘Man from Earth.’ The plot revolves around a man who has lived for 14,000 years! At first when you hear this you will think that it is just a movie without any sense, but later on the movie will wrap you up with curiosity.

It is a very interesting movie the man tells his friends that his age was 14,000. His friends thought it impossible and thought that their friend had gone crazy. While everyone was aging and started getting wrinkles and became old, this amazing man (John Oldman played by David Lee Smith) never ages at all! His friends start asking him different questions, he starts answering them filing us with more curiosity.

Then his friend Harry (played by John Billingsley) asks his wonderful friend if he knew anything about the period of Jesus Christ, John answers after a lot of hesitation he finally tells his friends that he was Jesus Christ! He tells them how he had never walked on water and that he had healed only a few people. His friends were a bit sentimentally hurt that their friend claims to be the god they were following.

The movie is a beautiful picture full  of laughter, understanding and other complicated emotions.

Review by- Keya

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