“Curiouser and curiouser”

Do you remember who said these lines?

Yes! It was no other than Alice from the book ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ by Lewis Caroll. This very line shows us the curiosity filled in little Alice this shows that she wants to know and learn more.

Curiosity is another form of innocence. (it is not always compulsory that innocence is only shown in children) Every time a person is curious he/she is only showing their innocence. My mother says that, there is no harm in being curious. We can call curiosity as the thirst of knowing more. Some people think that trying to chew more than we can bite (In this case for trying to know things that are beyond our ability) is a crime.

Many great people tasted success just because of their curiosity and their quench to fulfill their thirst, like Albert Einstein.

So we should always remember that we can be successful only if we remember that being curious never does any harm.

-by Keya


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