Day-13, Lockdown

“The ability to find the light in the darkness makes a person bright”. Today at nine o’ clock at night. Thousands and thousands of Indians came out on their balcony and terraces to light candles. Thousands showed their appreciation, and this gesture lit up the sky, both literally and figuratively. I saw everywhere how theContinue reading “Day-13, Lockdown”

Someone Great To Talk About: Mae Jemison

“I always knew I would go to space” – Mae. C Jemison This is the courage that helped Mae to become the first African American woman in space. She is known all around the world for her great achievement. She is a legendary and brave woman, who fearlessly led her first mission in space aboardContinue reading “Someone Great To Talk About: Mae Jemison”

Someone Great To Talk About: Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks- Social Activist Rosa Parks may not be known to everyone. But the people who know her, know the efforts she put in to make the world an equal place to live in where there would be no difference between dark skinned people and fair skinned people, so that everyone would live in aContinue reading “Someone Great To Talk About: Rosa Parks”