Waiting for dawn.

The world fell quiet this year,
Like the forest, when the night comes near.
But, we didn’t get sunlight this year,
We were stuck in a dark place, surrounded by fear.

But, there were things I learnt,
About myself, about this world.
I tried to look at the glass as half full,
This year was something new,
And the ride was far from dull.
I’ve grown twice the person that I was before,
All the places that I went,
And the places that I’ll go.
Because, I have decided to move away from the closed doors,
Now I’m roaming through new rooms,
Seeing what they hold in store.

Enduring and growing,
Is what we’re all trying to do,
Maybe the morning will come soon,
December is dawn,
And we’ll come through.

Published by Keya S. Waghmare

Just a 14 year old who enjoys writing...

4 thoughts on “Waiting for dawn.

  1. Too good Keya…as always very mature write up… I’ve grown twice the person that I was before… Proud of you

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