Coastal Diaries Day – 7

Pondicherry to Sullurupeta

Since morning I was feeling a bit low. Prerna being a Mountaineer got an urgent call from back home and she decided to leave so she will stay one more day in Pondi and will leave tomorrow. Whereas, Sayali has some personal issues to be resolved so her dad has asked to come asap. So, even she would be leaving today from Chennai. We will drop her on our way to Sullurupeta.
Initially, after Vanita leaving we were suppose to be four and then after Sumati would have joined us from Vijaywada. Which makes five who will stay till the end of the journey. But all of a sudden the scenario is totally changed. There is just two of us left for next two days. Just me and Vidula. Which is a high risk but for some reason I am mentally prepared to face the consequences. Hence, I was feeling bad for Vidula as she being the organiser and backbone of the team, she was a bit nervous and worried. Which is natural. I assured her that “whatever happens I’m not going to leave you even if you send me I won’t go back”
Then the time has come that we should start our today’s journey.
I clicked some departing selfies with Prerana and Sayali and along with Sayali left for Sullurupeta via Chennai.


I will definitely miss these girls.
We reached Sullurupeta in Andhra Pradesh around 3:00.p.m.checked in at ‘Hotel Kinnera Grand’. We had Andhra meal for lunch. Vidula joked about the name of the hotel, that ‘Now in Andhra most of our hotel names have the word ‘Grand’ in it’. (Which really were grand in every sense though)
Then we left to visit Nelapattu Birds Sanctuary  which was around 18-20kms. It was late so we decided to visit the nearby sanctuary instead of going towards Pulicat Lake,  the hotel people were also so kind they helped ua in planning and also sent one guy with us who knew local language so he can guide and assist us with the road and the place.
(P.S. – He knew only telegu and some English words😝)
Nelapattu Birds Sanctuary is a well known bird sanctuary in India and is the favorite spot of migration for Grey Pelicans. The sanctuary covers around 40,040 ha of area and is also located near Pulicat Lake, which is also known as the 2nd largest salt lake in India. Which we will be going tomorrow.
The time period between Octobers to March is the ideal time to visit the sanctuary. It was really an Amazing Experience .


6 thoughts on “Coastal Diaries Day – 7

  1. Undoubtedly, brave Sejal. Lovely pictures posted here for Day 7. The natural beauty is there to explore and of course, besides Sejal, lovely pictures of The Pelicans.

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