Coastal Diaries Day – 5 And 6

Vellanki To Pondicherry.

Vellanki  is really a cool place. We left from Vellanki around 8:30-9:00a.m. After having a filling breakfast. We stopped at Tranquebar it is also called Tharangambadi. We directly headed towards the beach of Tranquebar which also have a Danish Fort nearby the fort was basically built for soldiers to stay as it was near the shore so the goods that are transported were kept in the fort those days. There was a small museum inside the fort. It was a delightful break. there is a small café opposite the Danish Fort we had light snacks and left for our next destination.


Pondicherry aka Puducherry. The City of Pondicherry have recorded history after the advent of the Colonial Powers like the Dutch, Portuguese, British and the French.
Our hotel was Already booked for that day. We were received by Revathi Co-chairman of the Annamalai Institute. Even the media people were expected but due to the Pongal they changed the plan.
Sayali wanted to buy ‘Mallets‘ from this particular shop in Auroville, so we rushed to Auroville. The place is called ‘Svaram‘ which is the place where you can buy beautifully synchronized musical instruments. I just loved that place. It was about to close so Prerna took the responsibility and drove insanely, so that we reach there before it closes. It was a hell-o-kind of drive.
Auroville (City of Dawn) is an experimental township. We came across so many foreigners roaming around on mopeds and bikes.
You may get a sense of the appeal of the place after a visit to the visitors Centre and the ‘Mantrimandir‘ in Auroville.
We later roamed around the place had coffee at a beautiful café in Auroville. and there I met this adorable creature.

It was already late we had food and as that was our relaxing day we all planned a party and bought some snacks and boozers and partied till late. We played ‘I never ever had..’ and ‘Truth and Dare.’
Next day, after having breakfast we left for Auroville again some of us wanted to roam around and some of us were keen on sightseeing. Also, Vanita was leaving the same day so we dropped her at Pondicherry bus stand.

Later we went to ‘Aurbhindo Ashram‘. The Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a spiritual community located in Pondicherry.
It is a calm and beautifully decorated ashram. I bought some books from there one for me and another for my daughter Keya.
Then we went to an exquisite Italian café had Coffee and Crepe there. Which was yummy. 🙂


Later that evening we explored the beach at Pondicherry again. 😀


4 thoughts on “Coastal Diaries Day – 5 And 6

  1. Amazingly beautiful!!! Such effective expression, felt as if we are right there ..Thanks Sejal. We experienced a free and an effortless adventure too

  2. Day 5 and 6 have been utiilised in running here and there, sight seeing, enjoying visit to Annamalai Institute, Auriville City and Aurobindo Ashram.
    The picture of Pondy sea beach is breathtaking. No words.
    The expressions in describing this tour are so beautiful that a reader is transported there in no time.

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