Coastal Diaries Day -4.

14 January.
Rameshwaram to Vellankani.
We started early and went to see Ramsetu outside Rameshwaram city. There the beach was just wonderful. High surfers waves and pleasant breeze. But that was a point from where the local people take us to the Ramsetu in there 4×4 vehicle as the road wasn’t suitable for ordinary vehicles. But it would take our another two hours which wasn’t fitting in our already tight schedule. So we all decided to start our journey towards Vellankani. I drove almost 150kms today. For lunch we stopped by the shack in a small village on the way and had authentic Lemon rice with tomato chutney and coconut chutney.


When we reached Vellankani we experienced very positive vibes, which worked for us as well. As our hotel seems one of the loveliest place, which also have a swimming pool. ‘We definitely gonna enjoy here’ that was our first reaction. Which eventually we did. Prerna taught us floating in the water with ears inside the water for support I was holding a rod though it was an excellent experiment. So relaxing so soothing. After that we went to see the church of Vellankani. The churches here are breathtakingly spectacular. Anyone who goes to Velankanni should visit ‘The Shrine Basilica’ comprising of three Churches, Our Lady’s Tank, Church Museum, Priests’ Residence, Offering Center, Stations of the Cross, Stations of the Rosary, Shrine Mega Mahal and Vailankanni Beach. The unique feature of the church is its Gothic architecture.


Also the food that we had tonight was just so mouthwatering. These guys had Chicken chettinad and Lama Parotha and Fish. Whereas, I’d onion uttapam with four types of chutneys. We had some relaxing time, which allowed us gel well together and which was fun.
While returning back I bought a black necklace with a cross at the end, And also for the first time I tried Jackfruit and I liked it. 😀



One more thing about this town is that, Vellankani was one of the worst hit areas in the 2004 Asian Tsunami.

2 thoughts on “Coastal Diaries Day -4.

  1. One does feel tired and hungry after a 150 km drive and at Vellankani, the Luch, rice and chutney looks yummie.
    The building of The Shrine Basilica, which houses three Churches is beautiful and is well maintained.

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