Coastal Diaries Day -3

Day 3. 13 January
From Kanyakumari to Rameshwaram.

After yesterday’s mesmerizing sunset at Kanyakumari I got a chance to even catch few glimpse of equally beautiful Sunrise from the rooftop of our hotel. We left around 7:30 from Kanyakumari and I drove all the way. We had a breakfast break after around 100kms at 9:30-10:00 a.m. I’d onion dosa rest of my friends had Pudina dosa, Onion uttapam and tomato uttapam. And also orange and Mosambi juice. It was so fillings that we thought of having lunch directly at Rameshwaram. I drove again almost 200kms then Sayali and later Vidula drove till Rameshwaram. Before the town there is this amazing bridge called Pamban Bridge. This bridge is a cantilever bridge on the Palk Strait which connects the town of Rameswaram on Pamban Island to mainland India. The bridge refers to both the road bridge and the cantilever railway bridge, though primarily it means the latter.


Everyone among the team was equally enthusiastic and photo fanatic. And in a mood to make the most of it from this trip. We were stopping by every picturesque place to capture the beauty. Even on highways we use to stop if we see some amazing, which again is a very different experience. And also we took the pics with the banner that Shivkumar’s sponsorer friends couried.


When we reached Rameshwaram around 2:30-3:00 p.m. After getting fresh we headed towards the restaurant for food. I really like South indians thalis. We tried that with some authentic chutneys. After that we explored the beach and went straight to take the blessings of Lord Shiva. The Rameshwaram temple is so vibrant. The temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines, where Shiva is worshipped in the form of aJyotirlinga meaning “pillar of light”
Also, the idols of god and goddess are very colourful and beautifully carved.
Together withVaranasi, it is considered to be one of the holiest places in India to Hindus, and part of the Char Dham pilgrimage. According to Hindu mythology, this is the place from where the Hindu god Rama built a bridge, across the sea to Lanka to rescue Sita jee from her abductor Ravana. TheRamanathaswamy Temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva is located at the centre of the town and is closely associated with Rama.
From a local shop I bought a nicely carved black ‘Shiv Linga and Nandi‘ statue from a shop for my Mandir. After darshan we again went to the beach I touched the water. I’m a bit old fashioned but I don’t care. Then we clicked few pics sat for a while and came back to our hotel and crashed into our bed:D


3 thoughts on “Coastal Diaries Day -3

  1. Very few in this world are fortunate enough to see the sunrise and sunset at Kamyakumari, because both are mesmerising moments. These breathtaking scenes one can never forget thoughout their lives.
    Driving from 0730 to 1430 and covering a distance of 300 kms is by itself a herculean task and then going to see the Rameshwaram Temple, the abode of Jyotirlingas, to pay obescience to lord Shiva is added tiredness.
    The bridge between India and Lanka was made by Lord Rama so that his Vanar-Sena could also accompany Him to rescue Sita Mata who was abducted by Ravama. I may add here that the first stone of that bridge was laid by Lord Hanuman, and it floated.

    1. Yes Ravijee the setu is beautiful. Just that we didn’t get the chance and the time wasn’t enough to visit it. Otherwise that would have added a beautiful memory to my expedition 😃

      1. The story goes – Lord Rama put the first big stone in the sea and it drowned. Lord Hanumanji was smiling. He then picked up a large stone & wrote ‘Rama’ with a chalk and put it in the sea – and it floated. Lord Rama was amazed and He asked -Hanuman ji ye kaise hua? Mere Prabhu Ram – Jis to Prabhu Ram duba dein woh kaise tair sakta hai?

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