Coastal Diaries Day – 14

Day 14. January-24. Puri We hired a car for roaming around Puri and had planned to go to Chilika Lake near Satpada. We hired a boat from there and started out boat trip around 10:00 which lasted till evening. It was really an amazing experience. We saw some Dolphins but too fast for my camera as they were not in the moodContinue reading “Coastal Diaries Day – 14”

Coastal Diaries Day – 13

Gopalpur to Puri We had heavy filling breakfast at our resort at Gopalpur and left from Gopalpur around 8:00a.m. vidula and Sumati will be driving today. The drive was almost 150kms from Gopalpur to Puri. It was refreshing and filled with heartwarming landscapes, fields and lots of migrated birdies. I guess this whole area startingContinue reading “Coastal Diaries Day – 13”

Coastal Diaries Day – 12

Vishakapatnam to Odissa (Gopalpur) January 22. We left from Vizag around 9:00-9:30a.m. for Gopalpur which is around 300kms today’s drive was bit longer as compared to other days. While leaving Vishakapatnam I wasn’t feeling so good, I think it was the city I felt in love with or may be the place we visited last night. I willContinue reading “Coastal Diaries Day – 12”

Coastal Diaries Day – 11

Kakinada to Vishakapatnam January 21. We started early today from Kakinada and reached Vishakapatnam aka Vizag around 12:00-12:30 p.m. to Vishakapatnam. I liked this place so much it has so much positive vibes around. One of my Neighbor Rashi Gupta is also from Vizag she always have so many lovely things to say about herContinue reading “Coastal Diaries Day – 11”

Coastal Diaries Day – 10

Vijaywada to Kakinada aka Coringa. January – 20. We had light breakfast at our Hotel in Vijaywada and left for Kakinada we’ve a new companion now. Sumati Madiman, she is a good driver and really perky. She can talk about anything and everything which made this drive more exciting and I’m really looking forward to know her more. I was littleContinue reading “Coastal Diaries Day – 10”

Coastal Diaries Day – 9

Nellore to Vijaywada. 19-January. As it was just two of us, Me and Vidula, we started early today. On the way we stopped by a shack and had some amazing south Indian breakfast. I drove almost 200kms today. We reached Vijaywada around 12:00p.m. met Sumati Madiman, our new cotraveller. I was so relived to see her. She added the muchContinue reading “Coastal Diaries Day – 9”

Coastal Diaries Day – 8.

January 18. Sellarupet to Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. Now after the girls leaving, it is just me and Vidula till Vijaywada. Sumati is suppose to join us there. We started early today as we have planned to visit Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary. Which was mesmerizing and worth. It is the second largest brackish-water eco-system in India after Chilika lake in Orissa. We saw some amazingContinue reading “Coastal Diaries Day – 8.”

Coastal Diaries Day – 7

Pondicherry to Sullurupeta Since morning I was feeling a bit low. Prerna being a Mountaineer got an urgent call from back home and she decided to leave so she will stay one more day in Pondi and will leave tomorrow. Whereas, Sayali has some personal issues to be resolved so her dad has asked to come asap.Continue reading “Coastal Diaries Day – 7”

Coastal Diaries Day – 5 And 6

Vellanki To Pondicherry. Vellanki  is really a cool place. We left from Vellanki around 8:30-9:00a.m. After having a filling breakfast. We stopped at Tranquebar it is also called Tharangambadi. We directly headed towards the beach of Tranquebar which also have a Danish Fort nearby the fort was basically built for soldiers to stay as it was near the shore so theContinue reading “Coastal Diaries Day – 5 And 6”

Coastal Diaries Day -4.

14 January. Rameshwaram to Vellankani. We started early and went to see Ramsetu outside Rameshwaram city. There the beach was just wonderful. High surfers waves and pleasant breeze. But that was a point from where the local people take us to the Ramsetu in there 4×4 vehicle as the road wasn’t suitable for ordinary vehicles.Continue reading “Coastal Diaries Day -4.”

Coastal Diaries Day -3

Day 3. 13 January From Kanyakumari to Rameshwaram. After yesterday’s mesmerizing sunset at Kanyakumari I got a chance to even catch few glimpse of equally beautiful Sunrise from the rooftop of our hotel. We left around 7:30 from Kanyakumari and I drove all the way. We had a breakfast break after around 100kms at 9:30-10:00Continue reading “Coastal Diaries Day -3”

Coastal Diaries. Day 1.

Day 1. 11- January Mumbai to Trivandrum 🙂 I became a part of a road trip which includes travelling by Mahindra Scorpio 4×4. Initiated by Vidula Tade for her website called She planned a 28-day-long, approximately 5,000-kms expedition along the coast of the Indian Peninsula from Mumbai to Kolkata via Kanyakumari Starting on JanuaryContinue reading “Coastal Diaries. Day 1.”